Friday, January 23, 2015

Holy Death Ship, Batman

This is a post about databases and genealogy rather than books but there you go. I love the America's Historical Newspapers (Louisiana State Package) database and I fond out a shivery piece of family history via a newspaper article I found on that database I just HAD to share.

I knew my greatx3 grandmother on the Aldige side, Alice, died on the same ship she brought her husband's body back from Paris on and that a daughter (Amelie Aldige Borde) and a granddaughter (Amy Borde) died with her on that shipwreck in 1898. I just found out that it gets quite a bit creepier than that. 

I didn't read the attached article as carefully as I should have when I first found it and I never searched the ship's manifests for Borde. Amelie Borde and R.U. Borde (her husband) were ALSO on La Bourgoyne with Alice and Jules' body 5 years before the wreck in 1893 bringing Jules' body back. Not only that but...Amelie  was definitely pregnant with Amy. Very. Because this article was August 1, 1893. Amy (the granddaughter who would die with Alice on La B.) was born Aug. 23 and R.U. would die on Dec. 17, 1893 of what I don't know.

It. Gets. Even. Creepier. The ones who met them in NY, George Aldige and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cook? George A. would die in 1904 of TB. Mrs. Walter Cook (Marie Leonie Aldige) died in May of 1894 (they had only been married since 1893, too). Only the non-Aldige, Walter Cook lived to any great degree afterwards (1870-1935).  I am happy to report, though, that MY Aldige (Anna Aldige Hindermann, variously the daughter, older sister, and aunt of those lost on La Bourgoyne) lived from 1864-1951. 

Oh, why were they on La Bourgoyne in 1898? My great-grandmother, the daughter of Anna Aldige and her Swiss husband, Hans F. Hindermann, was in Switzerland with her Swiss grandmother. Her New Orleans family was going to get her and bring her back to New Orleans. Anna and H.F. were afraid to bring her back after La Bourgogne and she ended up spending much of her childhood in Switzerland.  

The pictures are as follows, the La Borgogyne inscription on the Aldige tomb, Amy Borde, Alice Lepretre Aldige, the Aldige tomb, the article that has me currently plotzing and shivering, the article about the La Bourgoyne shipwreck, and my great-grandmother at 9 in Switzerland. Here is a link to a PDF of the La Bourgoyne article.

Ah. One final thing. Jules Sr. may have first been put to rest in St. Louis #3 but, after the La Bourgoyne when Jules Jr. had the Metairie Lawn tomb built, he moved his father's body there, as you can see from the inscription.